Vienna Night Life

Vienna offers a wide-range of entertainment options when you are interested in enjoying the nightlife of the city. An array of bars and clubs are ready to provide the dance floor for your best moves or an inviting stool for you to sample the brews that the city has to offer.

Different types of music can be enjoyed when touring the city. If you are into jazz, it is recommended to try out Jazzland, which can be found located under the Ruprechtskirche. Irish pubs dot the area, offering a variety of pints. Many of the more popular choices are situated within the 1st District, while the summertime is a great time to enjoy outdoor seating.

Schwarzenbergplatz 10 Schwindgasse 1
Vienna, Austria
This spot is the first disco established within the city and it is still thriving. Popular nights at this selection are on Thursdays and Sundays. This is also when you can benefit from the 2 for 1 drink specials for the first hour of opening.

First Floor
Seitenstettengasse 5
Vienna, Austria
Located in the Jewish District, you don’t have to be genius to figure out which floor you will find all of the fun. Live music is offered here on Monday nights.

Porgy & Bess
1st District, Riemergasse 11
Vienna, Austria
Lovers of jazz find comfort in checking out this joint. Many live performances pass in and out of this option for nightlife kicks.

1010 Vienna, Biberstraße 8
Vienna, Austria
This a great place to enjoy a cocktail about town. If you enjoy a nice shot of whisky, there are 100 different varieties to choose from.

1010 Vienna, Dorotheergasse 14
Vienna, Austria
Plenty of drink selections can be found at this joint. A mixed crowd gathers here, where whisky and cognac keep them busy.

1010 Vienna, Stephansplatz, Haas Haus/ 6th floor
Vienna, Austria
When sipping on a cocktail at this selection, you will also be able to enjoy the sight of the St. Stephens Cathedral. This joint is considered one of the best spots to check out throughout the city.

Queen Anne
1010 Wien, Johaanesgasse 12
Vienna, Austria
Plenty of notable people make a pit stop to this joint when in town. A nice feature of this option is that the dance floor is made out of marble.

Maria Roses
1010 Vienna, Biberstraße 6
Vienna, Austria
When frequenting this bar and disco, you will encounter a great Mexican atmosphere. Snacks, food, people and drinks all in one place.

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